Some old work...

I've posted some older work just to get the ball rolling. I have already started planning an actual website but for now since I'm a bit broke a blog will have to do.

Out of all the project that I've done in photoshop, this is one of my favorites. It is a composite of 5 different original digital photographs. The original pictures can be dug up upon request.

This one is from a series of poster concepts using the font Bodoni. The idea was to promote the font while including the name of the font, the creator's name, and the date it was created in. During the entire project I was rather determined to use some kind of pattern in the poster, which I felt was rather sucessful. The other 2 concepts can be viewed upon request.

This image is a personal project from a couple years back. It was originally intended to be a one color print on paper which later turned into aspirations to print it onto tshirts. Unfortunately the tshirt project fell through but I do have several paper prints laying around.

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