Just barely too late in a galaxy far, far away.

Mr. Lucas, please don't sue me. Shepard Fairey, eat your heart out.

I plan on making some prints, but not selling them since that would be hardcore copyright infringement not to mention a bit wrong since it's not my original concept. Let me know what you think.

Well of course as the few that knew my idea warned me, I did not get it out in time. I'll admit I'm more fond of my version, but I have to give the guy credit for being quick about it. Anyway check out David Friedman's version at


Sveden said...

Your version is way better.

shou' said...

Nice design (though I would love to see a Darth Vader or a Wookie version. haha)! I could definitely imagine seeing this on a printed t-shirt.

Tom said...

Great Poster! I saw a couple of them up in Pasadena!

Any way to get a couple? Let me know. Thanks and KEEP GETTING UP!